Practice Touch Typing

GS Typing Tutor
It helps you learn touch typing or develop your typing speed.
Grass Software
Letter Chase Typing Tutor
Typing tutor for Windows.
VerseQ touch typing tutor. Yes, you can touch type in an hour!
VerseQ team

Practice Touch Typing

Typing Quick & Easy
Practice and improve your typing skills with Typing Quick & Easy.
Individual Software
It's a touch typing tuition course designed for modern typing requirements.
Square Eyes Software
Typing tutor SHAREWARE windows utility .
Shetef Solutions LTD.
Teaching-you Touch Typing
Focus Multimedia Limited
YESolo on the Keyboard
Effective typing tutor for novices who learn to type and intermediate students.
Touch Typing Course Trial
Touch Typing Technology Inc.
Catchysoft Typing Tutor
A flexible and powerful touch-typing tutor for improving your typing skills.
EliteTyping 2000
A touch typing tutor software which teaches you touch typing in an easy, effective and amusing way.......
Clasys Ltd.
Type Inspector
Excellent program to learn and practice Touch Typing.
Miha Stegel & Primo┼ż Verhovc
A typing tutor that aims at training users through a simple and effective game.

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Practice Touch Typing

Touch Typing
Active Typing Tutor
Active Typing - the Best Way to Touch Typing! Start learning today!
TMP Software
Typing Practice
Default Manufacturer
Type Inspector Pro
Learn typing with interactive diagrams, personalized lessons and guided courses.
7th arc d.o.o.
Analytical Eye
yping Tutor is designed to help develop touch typing skills.
Analytical Eye Technologies
Pashto Typing
Improve your typing, with our free program,Pashto Typing.
Pashto Typing
Alice Touch Typing Tutor version Alice Touch Typing Tutor
DR.Ahmed Saker
Catchysoft Gepard
It is a program that helps you master touch typing in the shortest time.
Almena Method Touch Typing
Almena International